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See how the Phenom talent experience platform can help you hire faster, develop better, and retain longer through AI, automation, and hyper-personalization.


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Wednesday | 11am ET

Fast-Forward Candidate Screening With Video Assessments


Give your hiring team the tools they need to boost productivity – using video. The video assessments tool allows you to screen candidates faster which can decrease time to hire, reduce recruiter bias, and allow candidates to deliver a great first impression.

Join us to learn how to use video to streamline your hiring process, optimize team collaboration, and build a better candidate experience.



Wednesday  | 12:00 BST | 13:00 CEST  

Phenom Talent Marketplace

The internal talent marketplace is a dedicated solution to help employees discover the next path in their journey, develop their skills, and connect with peers and company goals.

Join us for this brief product tour to learn how you can build a more agile and capable workforce, tap into a gold mine of skills data, engage and retain talent, and prepare for the future.

  • Candidates find and choose you faster
  • Employees develop their skills and evolve
  • Recruiters become wildly productive
  • Managers build stronger-performing teams
  • HR aligns employee development with company goals
  • HRIS creates a holistic tech infrastructure through     seamless integrations

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Want to see it all? Learn how Phenom's talent experience platform can help you create a truly personalized experience for candidates, employees, recruiters, hiring managers, HR, and HRIS teams.

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